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5 Secrets That Separate 6-Figure
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to Pay the Bills

Where Do You Stand?

Larry Ferguson“Listen to this F*R*E*E TeleSeminar and find out within 60 minutes whether you will succeed as a successful independent consultant OR join those who struggle to earn a meager income.”

Larry Ferguson Signature17+ years in the consulting trenches

Can you too be a successful, Six-Figure solo consultant?

If you’re like many solo professionals today, you have the experience and expertise that corporate executives and managers eagerly looking for. As a solo consultant, you're convinced that your knowledge and tools can help companies realistically survive during this tough economic time.

But, why is that only a few number of independent consultants easily earn 6-figure incomes while others can only eke out a mini um wage?

Starting a consulting practice/business doesn’t happen by chance. Six-figure solo consultants understand there are certain systems and practices that will make or break their success.

Based on my 17+ years of independent consulting, thousands of dollars invested in workshops and mentoring programs, and countless interviews with other consultants, you will quickly know whether you’re headed for success or doomed to more frustration, wasted time, and hemorrhaging finances.

Here are the 5 Secrets we'll dive into...

  1. How to mentally prepare yourself for marketing and sales - without feeling like a used car salesman. I'll share with you one secret that enabled me to FINALLY get over feeling rejected and immediately increase my fees and client retention.

  2. How to develop a 3-step approach to finding (or more narrowly defining) your target clients. In 15 seconds, can you describe your ideal client - age, gender, income, title, challenges, needs, desires, etc?

  3. How to stop trading precious time for hard-earned dollars. You'll learn how to avoid the roller coaster ride of "No cash flow, Lots of cash flow" by putting your marketing on automatic pilot.

  4. The truth about referrals. Why they can be THE worst form of marketing. Instead, discover how to position them as one channel for generating a massive influx of new prospects in the 30 days following this TeleSeminar.

  5. Which business activities to focus on that guarantee a 6-figure Income - and which ones will rapidly drain your checking account. Have your calendar handy while we review this one. You'll be surprised to see how easy it is to fall into unproductive routines.

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